The Dilemma of Faust

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The Dilemma of Faust

Making art is a Faustian pact. One is expected to reveal their innermost thoughts and private emotions for the entertainment, analysis, and scrutiny of others. Everything is on the table.

Faust is a scholar who, despite his success, is dissatisfied by life. He enters a pact with the devil exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasure. The consequences of his deal ripple through his life and beyond.

My introduction to the legend of Faust came when I studied in Rome. I lived near Termini, the main train station of the city, and the university campus was across the city near Piazza del Popolo. Most days I would walk to school and cut through Villa Borghese. Along my route was a sculpture dedicated to Goethe by Valentino Casali with a representation of Faust.

The elements in this piece represent my own pact with the devil and pursuit of physical gratification. I am the devil, Faust is a former lover, the weed and the sex are crutches and distractions. Events in my life over the past several months inspired me to revisit this story.