Hannah and Andy’s Wedding

I recently had the honor of attending the wedding of one of my good friends in upstate NY.  The event took place in the Catskills at Frost Valley YMCA, where he works and lives.  These are some images from the wedding.


My Accident

On Feb 23, 2009 I got into an accident on my bike.  These are 2 of the photos Ashley took of the damage and 1 by Dennis.

Cyrus Van @ 7 Hours

These are some photographs I took of Cyrus Van, the beautiful son of Dennis Dougherty and Liz Briggs, on the day of his birth, May 31, 2010.Abby and the new one

Liz and Jess get stuck together

Occupy Wall St.

I have gone to the Occupy Wall St. demonstration a couple times this week, most notably on October 5.  There are aspects of the movement that are inspiring while others leave me shaking my head.  Anyway, these are some of my photos from the event.